5/4 – Pigs @ Metro

The Pigs played 2 matches against Metropolis at Columbia Park, with the D2 side kicking off at noon and D3 immediately following. The Pigs were hungry for a win against their cross-town rivals, but a few early errors proved to be their undoing. Metropolis gained an early lead in the first half, and from there it was all the Pigs could do to catch up. Things turned around in the second half though, as the Pigs refused to lay down. They were merciless in their offensive attacks, but despite their stalwart defense Metropolis still managed to maintain a lead throughout the match. The Pigs’ surge was just too little too late, and time expired with them still trailing. However, there was still another game to be played and the Pigs took the momentum they had been building from the first match and rolled it right on into the next. The second match was just as hard-fought as the first, with great rugby played by all from newcomers to old boys, and ended in a tie. All in all it was another great day of rugby.