5/11 Pigs vs Sioux Falls Crow

It was a blustery Saturday as the Pigs took the field against the Sioux Falls Crow, looking to score a victory after losing in Sioux Falls approximately one year ago. The harsh gusts played havoc with the kicking game and long passes for both sides, but if there is one area this Pigs team is improving in (however slowly) it is the ability to react, adapt, and overcome. The Pigs grabbed a lead in the first half, and despite a bit of back of forth scoring continued to maintain that lead into the second half where they really let loose and effectively demoralized the opposition. The big boys in the pack were merciless as they continued to pound hard in the scrums and rucks. The back line, lead by none other than the former Sioux Falls player Grant “Bean Dip” Bassamore, capitalized on the opportunities created by their stalwart teammates to move the ball deep into the opponent’s territory to set up more scoring drives. There was great rugby displayed by all the Pigs on the field that truly exhibited the ability to maintain an emotional calm while playing a high level of aggressive rugby. Final score: 33-17, Pigs.
Man of the Match: Grant Bassamore
Big Hitter: Andy Valek

Shortly after the first game, the Pigs took the field again with only a few substitutions against the young North Metro Wolves. This young team proved to have a bit of fire in them, as they came out with hard hits and aggressive running. However, the Pigs pulled themselves together and beat them at their own game while maintaining discipline across the field. Final score: 24-5, Pigs.