Pigs vs Banshees 8/31/13 Match Report

The St. Paul Jazz Pigs took to the field for the first match of the 2013 Division 2 Fall Season against their crosstown rivals, the Eastside Banshees. Looking to get a big win to start the season, the Pigs played with a level on intensity and cool-headedness that clearly caught their opponents off guard. Heading in to the second half the Pigs were leading 21-19 after a brilliant interception and score by Grant “Bean-Dip” Bassamore. However, the Banshees quickly struck back with two quick trys putting them up 29-21. The Pigs gathered themselves to mount another successful scoring drive to come within one point. For the remainder of the nail-biting match the Pigs flirted with victory; striking deep into Banshee territory, but losing the ball to turnovers and penalties. In the end, the Banshees remained on top with a final score of 29-28.

Man of the match: Stephan “Animal” GrandPre
Big Hitter: Travis “Douche” Spencer

The St. Paul Bombers (D4 side) also took to the field for a couple games in the annual Jesse James Tournament. A good blend of young raw talent and seasoned old boys combined for some exciting rugby. While the Bombers did not win either match, it was still encouraging to see the enthusiasm with which the participants played, and it definitely showed the beginnings of what could be a very promising season.

Man of the matches: Grant “HGSM” Dietrich
Big Hitter: Darryl Sanders