Pigs @ SS Irish, Bombers @ Mayhem 9/28

The St. Paul Jazz Pigs traveled to Chicago, IL for the second time this season to take on the South Side Irish. The Pigs were looking for another big win to push them even higher in the standings, but as usual, luck was not on their side. Continuing on with the theme this year, South Side got off to quick start, scoring quickly and easily off of broken plays. Rather than gathering themselves and attacking back, as we’ve seen them do in every other game this season, the Pigs seemed slow and almost willing to adapt and react. Eventually, the Pigs did change some things around, and put together some truly smart looking rugby. It was a case of too little too late, though, and they suffered a very tough loss. Final score 24-68, SS Irish. The only highlights were that the Pigs did manage to secure a bonus point for scoring 4 tries, and that every other team in their group suffered shut-outs, so there was no real loss in standings.

On a positive note, the Bombers took on the Minneapolis Mayhem at Lexington-Diffley, and absolutely crushed them. From what little I heard of the game, there was excellent rugby played by the Bombers. Which really showed how the team is coming together as a unit, and learning how to play with each other. Final score was something like 110 or 120 – 0, Bombers win.