Board and Officer Meeting Notes 1-13-16

  1. Attended
    1. Colby
    2. Curly
    3. Tony
    4. Jesus
    5. Kroost
    6. Zweber
    7. Roger
    8. yao
  2. Finances
    1. See Colby’s Financial Report
    2. It would cost $4,000 to do practices and games at Maplewood without an agreement-pay to play
    3. Started year with $10,000
    4. Fundraising money went into the fundraising account, 501(c)(3) account
    5. Need to get into contact with IRS to get certification letter, Colby has a co-worker that does lots of NPOs, he will ask him
    6. We have $23,000 in total
      1. 12,0000 operating (went up about $2,000 this year)
      2. 8,000 fundraising (raisied since middle of last year from MS150 and Yao’s fundraising)
  • 300 high school
  1. 1,600 SPAF (original 501(c)(3))
  1. Vote proposed by Zweber,
    1. Roll the SPAF money into the Fundraising account because it was originally intended to be 501(c)(3).
      1. Passed
    2. Vote proposed by Colby
      1. Take $5,000 out of the general fund/operating account and place it into the special fund.
        1. Passed
      2. Winter indoor practices
        1. Match schedule preliminary
          1. Potential first game would be 4-16-16-preliminary (Winona St.)
          2. Potentially go to Des Moines on 4-23-16
  • 4-30-16 St. Thomas and Rivers Falls, or Banshees
  1. 5-7-16 “ “              “
  2. 5-14-16 Potential Pig Roast-Osh Kosh for D4
  3. May 21st end of season-6 total matches
  1. Practices
    1. Preliminary practice begin March 27th
  2. Get a dome with turf the weekend before Wayne State, (April second-April 9th is Tournament) to play Mankato, so we can get time in with recruiting, and help them warm up before tournament (Thor action item)
    1. Also talk to St. Cloud and Gustavus because they have domes on campus, so we could maybe use their dome
  3. Last two weeks in March, Gym and Dome practices-get feedback from Troy on the thought (Sally Action Item)
    1. Try to get same time/location for Domes-Guys more likely to come than 9pm at Stillwater, two days later 11:30 Rosemount
  4. AGM
    1. 7-9 at Summit, 1/21 FREE BEER
    2. Vote proposed by Zweber:
      1. Bring Pizzas to bolster attendance
        1. Passed
      2. By Laws of Officer Positions
        1. CIPP Coordinator Amendment/modification
          1. Bring CIPP List to Each game includes each Match (1 for D2; 1 for D4; w total)