Board and Officer Meeting Notes 8-25-15

  1. Present
    1. Curly
    2. Sally
    3. Thor
    4. Kroost
    5. Goose
    6. Yao
    7. Colin
    8. Zweber
    9. Colby
    10. Jesus
    11. Tony
    12. Patrick
  2. Budget
    1. Our duty to inform Troy who is not up to date with dues to play
      1. D2 need to be up to date
      2. D4 Can let some old boys slide, not let it become a habit
    2. See attached sheet of Colby’s financial sheet
  3. Fall Schedule
    1. Things to consider:
      1. All-MN match for D2 up in Elk River
        1. May have a D4, waiting on Becky to get back to us if there are other teams
      2. Jesse James
        1. Waiting on the Banshees to get back to us
        2. NDSU is freaking out cuz we cannot confirm 4 matches
      3. Madison Halloween
        1. Jesus add to the Google doc a thing about the WWE/WWF wrestlers
        2. Send an email out as well
  • 4 hotel rooms for each night, Need to get a couple more
  1. For future matches kick-off is:
    1. Madison-Green Bay-1:00pm
    2. 1:00pm-3:00pm
  2. Field
    1. Get another porta potty-they ok’ed it. Just waiting on them.
    2. Ask for more garbage cans
    3. Keep kitting up on the corner, or go to other side
      1. Right now it is working fine
    4. We will clean up the park on clean park day
    5. Maybe do some canvasing
    6. Keep moving warmups around to not wear down field
    7. Sally will be the keeper of the key to the storage shed
    8. We need to get some new paint to paint the 40s
      1. Weird has the paint liner
    9. Need some dirt to cover up the divet by the sprinkler system
    10. Will switch soccer complex in north side of Maplewood for lights when it get dark
  3. CIPP
    1. Troy will email Tony who will pay it tonight
  4. Recruiting
    1. Wander at All-MN , Hand out swag and cards n such
      1. Can cozies, bottle opener keychains
    2. Fuck the high school tournament—-they didn’t have their shit together
  5. Jesse James
    1. Shane is MIA
    2. Email/text Yao about EMT (Richie/Kramer)
    3. Sell shirts/inventory at Jesse James (Yao)
    4. Tent – Sally (also talk to Joe Wetska regarding smaller Referee tent)
    5. Schedule & Refs (Sally)
    6. If there is a Social (Yao to contact HTR)
    7. Food and Beverage for Sale (Curly)
      1. Grills, Coolers, Ice, Drinks
    8. Table for Food, Table for Swag and a place to hang the brackets (Curley-six tables with the grill)
    9. Change to start the sales (Tony Miller to Zweber)
    10. Big ass poster board to tape up for information (brackets, food costs, etc)(Colin)
    11. Our guys will park behind the field and walk up the trail (Troy)