Pigs vs. Duluth 4/30/16 – Match Report

The pigs traveled north last weekend to take on 3 time defending D2 college national champions University of Minnesota – Duluth. In typical Duluth fashion it was very windy which affected each teams attack. The first half the pigs went up 20-10 with the wind at their backs. The first points of the match were scored by the pigs on a penalty via a kick to bring the score to 3-0. Duluth answered with a try and the Pigs answered back with three tries and two points from a kick. Duluth scored a final try to finish off the half. The second half started with the wind at the Pigs’ face and Duluth was able to bring the score up to 20-20. Rest rest of the second half was largely a stalemate with one more try scored by the Pigs and immediately answered by Duluth tying the score up again at 25-25. Because this was a friendly a third half was played and new bodies were shuffled in. In the final minute of the third half the Pigs made a very long drive to score. The kick was made and the score increased to 32-25 as the whistle blew for full time. It was a very exciting match to watch and we look forward to future friendlies with Duluth. The Pigs’ next match will be May 14th details will be released soon. Also make sure to find your favorite Jazz Pig and get your ticket to the annual Saulala Mafi Pig Roast which will follow our home matches on the 14th! There will be beer, food and a raffle.