7th Annual Buca Winter Tournament

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Saturday March 6th starting at 10am will be the annual Mike “Buca” Lundberg benefit winter rugby tournament.  This is a great event to kick off the rugby season and at the same time raise money for a very worthy cause.  The tournament and post tournament festivities will be hosted by Ben “Kramer” Hanson in beautiful River Falls, WI.

Click here for more information.

Saint Paul Torchlight Parade

On Saturday, January 30th, the Pigs will be marching in the 2010 Torch Light Parade. This will be held in Downtown Saint Paul to signify the closing of the Winter Carnival (Ask a St. Paul native for the full story). The club would like to extend the invitation to all that would like to march in the parade. If you plan on marching please contact Troy Midboe (troy.n.midboe@wellsfargo.com). We will be lining up on the corner of 7th Street East and Kittson. If you plan on marching please be there by 4:30pm.

On Saturday, January 30th the Saint Paul Rugby team had 25 Pigs and friends of Pigs march in the Torchlight Parade.  The crowd was amazed by the teams scrumming abilities.  Thanks to all who came out.  Pictures for the event will be available shortly.

Off Season Training Program

Here is Kramer’s offseason training program. Click to open the PDFs, or right click and save to your computer. A couple notes from Kramer:

The first PDF is the Training Program – there are a few introductory paragraphs to explain why the program is designed the way it is and to give some general pointers for those of you who don’t spend 2 hours a day in a gym.

The second PDF explains all of the exercises, most of them with videos. Please, please, please take a minute before each workout to make sure you know how to properly perform each exercise in that day’s workout.