Officer/Board Meeting Notes 8-11-16

Officers’ Meeting

Half-Time Rec


  1. Officers/board members in attendance:
    1. Drew
    2. Jesus
    3. Kroost
    4. Goose
    5. Tony Miller
    6. Zweber
    7. Colby
    8. Thor
    9. Curly
    10. Coach Troy
  2. Budget
    1. For the spring we were under budget for everything
    2. Currently only 13 players have paid dues in full
    3. There is a new guy at Summit that is above our contact with Summit. He will not allow us to get cases of beer anymore to distribute for socials.
      1. Apparently they will not give us beer unless we have a liquor license
    4. We will have to buy kegs from HTR and food from HTR
      1. $175/keg for Summit, $150/keg for other beer
    5. If we are unable to figure out something with Summit, costs for socials will rise
  3. Schedule
    1. There will be no Jesse James tournament-Labor Day off
    2. Banshees match will stay on the original date
    3. Thor will talk to Metro D4 about playing them at All-MN
  4. Fundraising
    1. Brick was not in attendance, nor did he send anything in to Zweber
  5. Equipment
    1. Sally has not turned in any receipts for the equipment he purchased for the team
    2. If we cannot use the shed at the field to store equipment, look into renting a storage shed and place it in a parking spot
    3. Also we need a cart so we can move all the equipment to and from the shed without a dozen guys needing to do it
    4. Proposal motion-Purchase 2 game balls (5 layered) roughly $75/ ball.
      1. For 3.
      2. Against 0.
    5. Thor will setup a store on RA to sell Pigs gear
    6. Proposal-After guys order shorts from RA, the team will buy more shorts to break the price break (i.e. guys buy 10 shorts, lower price break at 15, we buy 5 more)
      1. For 3
      2. Against 0
    7. We will give guys a practice/match jersey for complete payment of dues
  6. Socials
    1. Fan appreaction day will be on our home Metropolis match (bounce house, food, etc.)
    2. Socials will most likely be at HTR with $5 a person
    3. We got a free 10×10 tent
    4. Lots of people want us to use Kemp’s Mom’s tent again
    5. Brute has the canopy-goose will pick it up from him
    6. Need to buy new poles for the tent-roughly $150
  7. City/Field
    1. Been no movement from the city for our contract proposal
    2. Zweber going to go back to them with a short term, 1 year lease with less requests (only have field Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays)
    3. Zweber got a quote from Dayton Bluff community field for much less than Maplewood field. Use it for negotiating leverage.
    4. We got approval from the city to place permanent posts
      1. Phoenix has a guy who can build posts for $2,400-20ft
      2. Buy a pair a posts on sale for $2,250-20ft
    5. Need to repaint the field. City painted the field beautifully but made it about 20 meters too short.
      1. Borrow Eric’s painting equipment-paint interior lines green, new lines white
    6. Recruiting
      1. Scrimmage with UST at their field
    7. Tour
      1. Goose needs to talk to Dicky about the tour/teams to visit
      2. Most likely visit Ireland, take ferry to Wales
      3. Pigs have old connections with Wales teams we should try to reconnect
      4. Try to play clubs from small towns not big cities, more likely to socialize with us

Officer and Board Meeting March 8th

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Our officers meeting to prepare for the spring will be on Tuesday, March 8th at Gabes.  We’ll start promptly at 6:30.  If you plan to order food and beer be there shortly after 6:00.  Zweber has invited coach to our meeting.


Review of the MN AGM meeting

Technical director/coach’s plan for the spring

Spring practice plans

Spring match schedule

Equipment needs

Dues for this year

Captain selection process

Discussion on recruiting plan

Discussion on fundraising plan

Board and Officer Meeting Notes 1-13-16

  1. Attended
    1. Colby
    2. Curly
    3. Tony
    4. Jesus
    5. Kroost
    6. Zweber
    7. Roger
    8. yao
  2. Finances
    1. See Colby’s Financial Report
    2. It would cost $4,000 to do practices and games at Maplewood without an agreement-pay to play
    3. Started year with $10,000
    4. Fundraising money went into the fundraising account, 501(c)(3) account
    5. Need to get into contact with IRS to get certification letter, Colby has a co-worker that does lots of NPOs, he will ask him
    6. We have $23,000 in total
      1. 12,0000 operating (went up about $2,000 this year)
      2. 8,000 fundraising (raisied since middle of last year from MS150 and Yao’s fundraising)
  • 300 high school
  1. 1,600 SPAF (original 501(c)(3))
  1. Vote proposed by Zweber,
    1. Roll the SPAF money into the Fundraising account because it was originally intended to be 501(c)(3).
      1. Passed
    2. Vote proposed by Colby
      1. Take $5,000 out of the general fund/operating account and place it into the special fund.
        1. Passed
      2. Winter indoor practices
        1. Match schedule preliminary
          1. Potential first game would be 4-16-16-preliminary (Winona St.)
          2. Potentially go to Des Moines on 4-23-16
  • 4-30-16 St. Thomas and Rivers Falls, or Banshees
  1. 5-7-16 “ “              “
  2. 5-14-16 Potential Pig Roast-Osh Kosh for D4
  3. May 21st end of season-6 total matches
  1. Practices
    1. Preliminary practice begin March 27th
  2. Get a dome with turf the weekend before Wayne State, (April second-April 9th is Tournament) to play Mankato, so we can get time in with recruiting, and help them warm up before tournament (Thor action item)
    1. Also talk to St. Cloud and Gustavus because they have domes on campus, so we could maybe use their dome
  3. Last two weeks in March, Gym and Dome practices-get feedback from Troy on the thought (Sally Action Item)
    1. Try to get same time/location for Domes-Guys more likely to come than 9pm at Stillwater, two days later 11:30 Rosemount
  4. AGM
    1. 7-9 at Summit, 1/21 FREE BEER
    2. Vote proposed by Zweber:
      1. Bring Pizzas to bolster attendance
        1. Passed
      2. By Laws of Officer Positions
        1. CIPP Coordinator Amendment/modification
          1. Bring CIPP List to Each game includes each Match (1 for D2; 1 for D4; w total)

Board and Officer Meeting Notes 8-25-15

  1. Present
    1. Curly
    2. Sally
    3. Thor
    4. Kroost
    5. Goose
    6. Yao
    7. Colin
    8. Zweber
    9. Colby
    10. Jesus
    11. Tony
    12. Patrick
  2. Budget
    1. Our duty to inform Troy who is not up to date with dues to play
      1. D2 need to be up to date
      2. D4 Can let some old boys slide, not let it become a habit
    2. See attached sheet of Colby’s financial sheet
  3. Fall Schedule
    1. Things to consider:
      1. All-MN match for D2 up in Elk River
        1. May have a D4, waiting on Becky to get back to us if there are other teams
      2. Jesse James
        1. Waiting on the Banshees to get back to us
        2. NDSU is freaking out cuz we cannot confirm 4 matches
      3. Madison Halloween
        1. Jesus add to the Google doc a thing about the WWE/WWF wrestlers
        2. Send an email out as well
  • 4 hotel rooms for each night, Need to get a couple more
  1. For future matches kick-off is:
    1. Madison-Green Bay-1:00pm
    2. 1:00pm-3:00pm
  2. Field
    1. Get another porta potty-they ok’ed it. Just waiting on them.
    2. Ask for more garbage cans
    3. Keep kitting up on the corner, or go to other side
      1. Right now it is working fine
    4. We will clean up the park on clean park day
    5. Maybe do some canvasing
    6. Keep moving warmups around to not wear down field
    7. Sally will be the keeper of the key to the storage shed
    8. We need to get some new paint to paint the 40s
      1. Weird has the paint liner
    9. Need some dirt to cover up the divet by the sprinkler system
    10. Will switch soccer complex in north side of Maplewood for lights when it get dark
  3. CIPP
    1. Troy will email Tony who will pay it tonight
  4. Recruiting
    1. Wander at All-MN , Hand out swag and cards n such
      1. Can cozies, bottle opener keychains
    2. Fuck the high school tournament—-they didn’t have their shit together
  5. Jesse James
    1. Shane is MIA
    2. Email/text Yao about EMT (Richie/Kramer)
    3. Sell shirts/inventory at Jesse James (Yao)
    4. Tent – Sally (also talk to Joe Wetska regarding smaller Referee tent)
    5. Schedule & Refs (Sally)
    6. If there is a Social (Yao to contact HTR)
    7. Food and Beverage for Sale (Curly)
      1. Grills, Coolers, Ice, Drinks
    8. Table for Food, Table for Swag and a place to hang the brackets (Curley-six tables with the grill)
    9. Change to start the sales (Tony Miller to Zweber)
    10. Big ass poster board to tape up for information (brackets, food costs, etc)(Colin)
    11. Our guys will park behind the field and walk up the trail (Troy)