Approved February 2015
Establishment of Bylaws
All definitions in the Constitution shall be the same in the Bylaws.
Other definitions:
• For the purpose of communicating Bylaws the, Bylaws shall have the following definitions:
o Establishment Bylaws: Those Bylaws that govern how Bylaws are created (Established). These are created and amended by a majority vote of the Board and are included under an Establishment of Bylaws section.
o Bylaws: Bylaws that are not Establishment Bylaws.
• Changes: Creation of or changes to Bylaws.
• Officers Meeting: An Officers Meeting will include the Board and Officer positions that are listed in the Bylaws.
• Quorum: A majority of Board members and Officers.

1. Changes to Bylaws, which are those that are not Establishment Bylaws, shall be done by a majority vote by Board and Officer members present at an Officers Meeting. Only the Board and Officers can vote on Bylaws at an Officers Meeting. A vote can only be held if there is a Quorum of Board and Officer members present.

2. Any proposed Changes must be presented to the Board, in writing, two weeks prior to the Officers Meeting. These proposed changes, if accepted by the Board, and any proposed changes brought by the Board itself will be sent to the Officers prior to the Officers Meeting.

3. All Establishment Bylaws and Bylaws shall be emailed, or in some other way communicated to Members, within 1 week of being passed by vote.

4. The Bylaws shall include Officer positions in the Club, including definition of responsibilities and who on the Board the position reports to. All Officers shall report to a Board member. The Officers will be elected at the AGM, following the election of the Board and Special Fund positions.

5. The Officers will be elected at the AGM by a plurality of the Members present. An Officer must be a Member. The length of a term will begin the day after the elections and continue until after the next AGM. In the event that any Officer is not fulfilling their duties or not acting in the best interest of the Club, they may be removed by a vote of at least five of six Board members. In the event of an Officer vacancy the Board, at its discretion, may appoint a replacement Officer or call an Officers Meeting as soon as reasonably possible to elect a replacement to fulfill the remainder of the term.

6. The initial Bylaws (those created or changed prior to the 2016 AGM) shall be voted on by anyone who obtained their position within the Club by a majority vote of Members at the 2015 AGM, with the exception of Special Fund committee members. In the past the non-Board positions elected at the AGM have been known in the club as “Officers”.

7. An Officers Meeting can be a subset of a Board Meeting. The President shall announce at the meeting which discussions are only Board related and which issues will only be a Board vote. The Board will run Officers Meetings

8. There shall be at least two Officer Meetings a year. Other meetings can be called at the discretion of the President. The President is responsible for the agenda. The President can call for a vote on any issues the Board or Officers need to consider. If the President will not bring an issue to an Officers vote, the Board may call for a vote with four assenting Board member votes. All Officers and the Board have one vote. At least a one week notice will be given for all Officer Meetings.
Approved 12 March 2015

1. Money rollover
a. At the end of each year, the Club may roll over no more than $5,000 into the following year’s general fund. ($0-$5,000 goes to the following year’s general fund).
b. If at the end of the year, the general fund has more than $5,000; the excess money, up to $5,000 will go into the special fund. ($5,001-$10,000 goes to the special fund).
c. If at the end of the year, the general fund has more than $10,000, the board has the discretion to place any amount into the special fund and/or the following year’s general fund.

2. Special fund
The following members make up the Special Fund committee. The date in parenthesis designates the conclusion of their term.
a. Grant Dietrich (2016 AGM)
b. Troy Midboe(2017 AGM)
c. John Glanton (2018 AGM)
d. Roger Bruggemeyer (2019 AGM)
e. The Financial Officer-Chairman

3. Dues
Each Active Member is required to pay dues. Dues are as follows:
a. Returning member: $280/year.
b. First year member: $120/year.

4. Player eligibility
No Member can be on the D2 roster unless current on dues. Current on dues includes payment in full or up-to-date with a payment plan.

5. Captain selection
a. Prior to first match of the spring and fall season, the Active Members will vote for a D2 Team Captain and a D4 Team Captain.
b. Before each match the coach shall select a field captain for D2 and a field captain for D4. The field captain may be the same as the Team Captain.

Bylaws approved 13 Jan 2016:

Match Secretary
Reports to Technical Director
• Attend the MN AGM
• Scheduling non-League matches
• Make sure union/referees society have schedule
• Coordinating match info between clubs and with referee’s

Fundraising Chair
Reports to Financial Officer
• Organizing and executing the fundraising for the team
• A fundraising plan is to be submitted to the Board early each year
• The primary fundraising events are the Pig Roast, Poker Tournament, Beer Tasting Event, MS 150 Bike Ride, and Golf Tournament
• Other events and opportunities for fundraising should be continuously explored

CIPP Coordinator and Game day Coordinator
Reports to Logistics Director
• Help members with CIPP
• Bring the CIPP list to each game, includes each match (1 for D2; 1 for D4)
• Make sure match reports are entered online
• In charge of the jerseys, ropes, flags, goal post pads, etc.

Travel Coordinator
Reports to Communications Officer
• Post Travel Doc to Google Docs to garner interest in amount of players wanting to stay at away game site for Friday/Saturday.
• Based upon response, book rooms for Friday and Saturday (Friday rooms=cheaper hotel near pitch, Saturday rooms= nicer rooms near bars)
• Alert team of any possible detours, construction, etc. that could delay travel time.

Summer Coordinator
Reports to President
• Promote summer rugby opportunities
• Respond to new players/visiting players interested in joining Pigs for summer season
• Work within budget to schedule tournaments
• Coordinate practices
• Run summer practices
o (not technically a required responsibility, but one I more or less require to do this)
• Coordinate travel/logistics for summer
• Work with financial officer to collect any dues/pay entry fees
• Share any contact info for new players with recruiting coordinator

Reports to Financial Officer
• Collect and track dues payments
• Collect money raised from events
• Write checks to reimburse members of the club who used their own money to fund club activities (socials, fundraisers, Ect)
• Write checks to cover team expenses ( Field costs, Referee costs, Ect)
• Deposit all collected money
• Inform captains of players that are not current on dues or the payment plan on game day

Jesse James Coordinator
Reports to Social Chairman
• Work with Logistics Director to secure a location
• Work with Match Secretary to invite teams
• Work with Social Chairman to have food and beverage available
• Set format for the tournament
• Secure refs and trainer/EMT
• Obtain Union permission
• Work with Treasurer and Financial Officer to set tournament fees
• Make money or at the very least break even