New Players

Dear Potential Pig,

On behalf of the St. Paul Jazz Pigs Rugby Football Club, I would like to thank you for your interest in the sport of rugby and our club.

Whether you are an experienced rugby player or someone just curious about the sport, the St. Paul RFC would like to welcome you to join our club. The St. Paul RFC is a club built on tradition, and operated with progressive goals for the future. The club is focused on playing quality rugby as directed by our dedicated coaching staff. Our club practices twice a week in the spring and fall in St. Paul with matches on Saturdays throughout Minnesota (we also sometimes compete in Wisconsin, Iowa, Chicago, and other Midwest venues). The Pigs have a D3 and D4 team, but practice and socialize as one. While we have seen recent success the Pigs have aggressively recruited new talent and funding opportunities to support a strong showing in our rugby campaign this year.

Please contact me via the form below (or continue to browse the website) if you have questions about the club.  Otherwise, please join us for a practice session or a club event.

Thank you for your consideration,

Travis Spencer
Recruiting Director